Thursday, 28 April 2016

The week is finally here! On Saturday morning we'll be heading to the Eurotunnel to start our trip, after months and months and months of planning and plotting the time has arrived. We finished our jobs a week ago (we're jobless! Holy moly) and this week has been spent moving all our stuff to my mums (thanks mum, sorry mum) and then tidying the flat before we hand the keys back over to our landlady on Saturday...and then we're free! This in between stage has been a bit weird - when I was daydreaming about this week whilst I was still at work I thought I'd be taking loads of pictures and videoing every little thing and feeling so energetic from finishing work...when in actual fact we have just been working super hard to get everything done and have been in bed by half 9 every night, so wild!
We have booked the first few campsites in France to get us in to the swing of things and I've just checked the let's just ignore that for now and cross those fingers that the sun makes an appearance at least once in the first week.
See you when we get over there!



  1. Good luck and enjoy your travels! My partner and I have a campervan and in a year or two we hope to go touring in Europe. I hope the weather improves soon! Enjoy!

  2. Have a great start tomorrow! I was following your other blog, I'm going to add this one to my Bloglovin' feed as well :) I can wait to read about your travels! Are you coming to Switzerland?

    1. Thanks Ines! Lovely to know you have followed over from my other blog :) I think we are coming to Switzerland, any tips/recommendations will be greatly received! x

    2. Hi Jo & Steven - sorry for the late reply!
      There's a really cool website called 'My Switzerland' where you can browse all the amazing things to do here and they also have the list of campsites - I guess that can be useful to you, here's the link:

      I live in the Leman area, it's really beautiful with the lake, the French Alps on one side and the Swiss vineyards on the other side (they are UNESCO World-Heritage). But lake & mountains are everywhere in Switzerland ahah :D It's really beautiful everywhere!

      Most people that come here on holidays are quite shocked with the prices and how expensive things are here, so I would recommend doing your grocery shopping in France/Italy - Just stockpile food and gas before coming here ;)

      If you decide to come near Lausanne or Geneva and want to have ice cream with a follower just let me know :)

    3. Hi Ines,

      Thank you so much for the tips, very helpful and much appreciated. Will definitely let you know if we come near those areas - would be great to meet and who can say no to an icecream?! :)

      Thank you!


  3. Good luck to you both. Enjoy every minute. Take care Mum and Grez x