Friday, 20 May 2016

We left Île de Ré feeling a little deflated and very tired after being kept up most of the night by a rowdy group of teenagers having fun until the early hours. How very dare they! 
We headed south and then east through the Dordogne region to find our next campsite Camping Domaine des Mathevies. Weirdly, when we were on our way to the campsite I was looking through the Cool Camping book and realised that this campsite is the cover image (and we pitched on the same pitch!). So I think it is safe to say we are officially Cool Campers, ohh yeah!
I don’t think we’ve ever been happier pulling into a campsite before - the sun was shining, there was view of hills and trees, there was a dog, a bar and they also sold pizza and frites! 
Sarlat is the closest town which was bustling when we visited on a sunny afternoon, it’s full of restaurants and tourist shops but it is really pretty and apparently representative of 14th century France. The area is known for Foie Gras which for one vegetarian and one picky meat eater didn’t exactly float our boat and weirdly there are so many shops selling geese merchandise - plates, tea towels, oven gloves, salt pots, you name it. But we got a foie gras-free ice-cream (I hope) and mooched around taking it all in. Most of the tourists there seemed to be Brits so sometimes it did feel a bit like we were walking around York!
Our Inflatable Home Dordogne
We then drove on to Beynac which has a popular Chateau positioned high up in the hills, with a killer walk up some steep cobbled streets but the view from the top was definitely worth it. 
Our Inflatable Home Dordogne
Our Inflatable Home Dordogne
Our Inflatable Home Dordogne
One failed attempt to the supermarket later, its Sunday how could we not know that the shops only open for 3 hours or don’t even open at all?! Then back to the campsite for drinks in the bar.
Our Inflatable Home Dordogne
As we were right near the Dordogne river we had to go canoeing, we booked the trip through the campsite and opted for the 9km one which was a leisurely two hour paddle up the river (well for me it was, Steven did all the hard work!) and pretty reasonably priced at €14 each. We loved it, the river was peaceful and the chateaus along the way were beautiful. We may have even pretended we were in Game of Thrones…
Our Inflatable Home Dordogne
Our Inflatable Home Dordogne
For our final day at the campsite we decided to take it easy and went for a casual 8km walk (!) through surrounding countryside, we even took the campsite owners dog with us, Maisie, who is 13 years old and barely broke a pant. We are even more desperate for a dog now! 
Our Inflatable Home Dordogne
Our Inflatable Home Dordogne
Still averaging about a loaf of bread a day, I have made it on to my second jar of Nutella and I’d say eating approximately 5 pastries a week…so, feeling good. 
Our Inflatable Home Dordogne

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