Thursday, 12 May 2016

Loire Valley
I thought it was about time we showed you around our tent - or what is now our home! 
Inside Our Inflatable Home
We bought this tent in summer last year, it’s a Vango Capri 500 that blows up instead of having fibreglass rods - apart from the one rod right at the front on the canopy of the tent. We bought it because its quicker and easier to put up then the rodded (?) version - and can also be put up with just one person, which is nice when I fancy putting my feet up…ha!
A lot of people comment on it (from the pictures they’ve seen) and say that its huge. And yeah I guess it is compared to most tents, it’s a tall tent but being able to stand up was a must when we were looking to buy one and I certainly don’t think we could do this trip in a smaller tent without one of us sitting in the car at some point! 
Inside Our Inflatable Home
The first section is the living room. We put down a couple of picnic blankets on the floor to act as a carpet, you can buy actual carpets that fit to the tent but they are always so ugly so we fashioned our own - it also means they are easier to take out to shake down!  It has windows either side of the front door (with built in curtains) and one large window that takes up a whole side of the living room. On the opposite side of the window is a side door with a fly net which is nice when it’s a little hot but we want to lay down inside the tent. It does slightly annoy me that the front door doesn’t come with a built in fly net but I guess we can’t have everything!
In the living room we keep the kitchen table in front of the window which has all our cooking bits on. We make sure the items we use the most are on here so we can easily find them - knives, forks, spoons, cups, salt, pepper, oil etc. 
Underneath the table we keep one bag of food and one bag of things like bin bags, tea towels, kitchen foil - just general kitchen stuff really. The boxes next to the bags have extra kitchen utensils in and bowls - all the things that we need but don’t really use everyday (these also store the other utensils in 
when we’re travelling) and the pans live on top of these boxes for easy access. 
Inside Our Inflatable Home
To the left of the table we keep the washing up bowl, liquid and sponge for easy access. 
Inside Our Inflatable Home
To the other side we keep our shoes and coats when its bad weather and the campsites books and maps. It ends up becoming a bit of a dumping area but to be honest we don’t really have that much stuff to dump there! 
We have a set of LED fairy lights hung up and a main light for when we’re locking up for the night.
Into the bedroom! The good thing about this tent is that it comes with a ‘wall’ that you can put up to divide the bedroom, we use to have it up to have a bedroom one side and a changing area/bag area the other side but I felt a little closed in so we switched it round. Now we have our beds in the middle and our bags on each of our sides. It just works better this way as we both have our own areas now. 
We have two single blow up beds - purely so we don’t wake each other up when fidgeting in the night!
Inside Our Inflatable Home
Inside Our Inflatable Home
Inside Our Inflatable Home
The white candle thing is one of those led candles which gives rather a nice atmosphere at night time - and actually flickers! I keep my wash bag and notebook/kindle next to my bed and my clothes bag at the other end. Steven has pretty much the same set up but with an added guitar! 
Inside Our Inflatable Home
Inside Our Inflatable HomeSo that’s our tent. I know its not the prettiest one out there, I know we could have easily got a beautiful looking bell tent perfect for putting pictures on our blog but they are pretty impractical when it rains and they are so heavy! But this one serves us well and is good for what we want it for. I have decided our next venture will be a shop selling nice looking but practical tents and camping equipment but not with the ridiculously high prices - why do they always make tents such weird colours?! And why does a colander have to be so ugly?!


  1. It looks great and everything is so well organized :)
    Do you also keep things in the car or do you prefer to have all in the tent?

    1. Thanks Ines! We have most things in the tent, just things like the tent bag/storage boxes in the car. Otherwise we end up going backwards and forwards all day :)