Sunday, 26 June 2016

On Thursday we arrived at Camping Ferienparadies Natterer See in a lovely little village called Natters just outside Innsbruck in Austria. The campsite is huge, its one of those big holiday parks as the lake it is on - Natterer See, is a very popular with visitors outside the campsite. We came to this site as its on our ACSI discount which ends at the end of June so we are trying to get the most use out of it. I don’t think we’d usually stay at a site like this, its really busy with a high turn over of campers everyday, so that means its very noisy with a constant stream of new arrivals and we found we were camped pretty close to our neighbours which isn’t the end of the world but when they wake up at 6:30…its not the best! The site had the most amazing shower facilities though, similar to a hotel actually with hairdryers and huge mirrors. The biggest negative of this site was the internet prices- they charge €15 a day for access which is bonkers so we certainly didn’t bother but the biggest positive was the free hourly bus they provide to get to Innsbruck which we took full advantage of. 
On the Friday it was my birthday so we celebrated with pastries and tea in the morning and then took the bus to Innsbruck for the day. Obviously we hunted down the best pizza place to go to for lunch which was at a place called Sapori and it was very tasty indeed!
Sadly the day was tainted with the news of the UK leaving the EU which I still can’t make any sense of. I don’t really understand how people look at Nigel Farage, Boris Johnson and even Donald Trump and think the lies they are spouting are the best decisions for our country. This can’t be any kind of progression in any way. What a sad day it is for the generations who are going to have to live with this decision and it breaks my heart that we seem to live in such a divided country. Anyway. I don’t want to dwell on that here as this is a travel blog after all, we have talked about it so much over the past few days and have actually decided to move to Innsbruck!Only joking…but we really did fall in love with the place. What a great city! It’s diverse (ahem), has lots of culture, its a university city so lots going on, it has quite a small city centre so we found we could walk everywhere no problem, beautiful well kept parks, all the shops you could need - independent and high street, cheap good quality beer and so many vegan/veggie friendly places we were spoilt for choice. The shops even sell plenty of soya products which we were very pleased with as Italy and France don’t really bother at all. It pretty much has everything we would want from a place to live in…but apparently its hard to actually get a place to rent as they are in such high demand and sadly I doubt two jobless, non German speaking Brits would be at the top of the list! But if you haven’t already been I highly recommend you go, its got a lot to offer. 
We only had two whole days at this campsite and although it was about 32 degrees there was a constant threat of thunderstorms and rain - which often happen in the evening. For our last day we visited Innsbruck again to get some food and to explore areas we didn’t visit the day before. We had a super tasty natural curry and huge side salad (again, with the option of vegan food!) and made it back to the tent before the heaviest down pour of rain we’ve had on this trip happened! 
Obviously we had to try a traditional pastry before we left! 

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  1. Please can I ask what camera you use? Your photo's are all amazing! x