Thursday, 4 August 2016

Map: 12 weeks

Miles travelled: 5782
Nights in a tent: 83
Number of campsites: 24
Countries visited: 6
Amount spent on road tolls: €268.20
Amount spent on campsites: €1628.88
Pastries eaten: 1000 (roughly)

It's taken me a little while to put this post up, part of me is reluctant to admit our European adventure is over and the other part is busy getting ready for the next bit of our life - moving to a new place/new jobs etc which is all very exciting.
The stats above are quite pleasing to look at, what an adventure we had! Im quite surprised we managed 83 nights in a tent and I can't believe how much the road tolls cost. Also living in a tent for 3 months is pretty much the equivalent to ones months rent in London...crazy!
I'm so proud our little car managed to get us through 6 countries, up some pretty hairy mountain roads and almost 6,000 miles, what a little trooper! We're currently trying to find somewhere to live again before we head back out in the tent - we're also a bit reluctant to venture out in high season (not that you'd know with this weather!) but we have missed our tent and are looking forward to documenting our travels once more. If anyone has any top campsite recommendations (anywhere in Britain) then please do send them our way. We're hoping to put a tab on the top of this site with ones we recommend which we can keep adding to, as even though there are all these campsite finder websites out there...they're all a bit crap really!

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